The Czech Association of Energy Sector Employers (CSZE)

The Czech Association of Energy Sector Employers (CSZE) is a voluntary and independent organisation of employers and entrepreneurs with common interest in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, heat generation and distribution, power and heat trading, and other entities operating in the power and heat sectors, as well as high schools and universities specialising in this area.

The Association was established in 1991 and currently comprises 34 members. It is an organisation open to all companies and institutions operating within the Czech Republic in the power and heat sectors and in related areas.

The CSZE is an important social partner in negotiations with trade unions, members of both chambers of Parliament, central government authorities and regional authorities. Its main mission is to positively influence the economic and social policies of the Government of the Czech Republic by focusing attention on the ethical standards of business activities in the energy sector and to support the common business interests of its members vis-a-vis external organisations and institutions with the aim of creating a stable business environment and conditions for maintaining social harmony.  

CSZE’s activities are carried out by expert commissions and task groups which are responsible for dealing with professional issues needing to be addressed by the Association. These include the following.

a)  Commissions:

  • Power Sector Commission,
  • Heat Sector Commission,
  • Emergency Situation Commission,
  • Collective Bargaining Commission,
  • Commission for Schools Specialising in the Energy Sector,
  • Compensation Proceedings Commission, and
  • Health and Safety at Work Commission;

b)  separate Task Groups:

  • EURELECTRIC Task Group,
  • Taxation Task Group,
  • Live Working Task Group.

CSZE is the member of international organizations EURELECTRIC, LWA (Live Working Association) and ISSA (International Social Security Association).